How to Make a Leo Man Want You (6 Tips That Work Every Time)

how to make a leo man want you

Leos are super selective about who they’re into. If you want him to be yours, you have to know how to make a Leo man want you first. Here’s what you need to do: Be real Be strong and independent Show off! Love his uniqueness The Leo man is hard to pin down, so you’re … Read more

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How Does Leo Man Show Interest? (5 Easy Ways to Tell He Likes You)

how does leo man show interest

Are you curious to know if the Leo guy you’ve been crushing on is feeling you?  How does Leo man show interest? He prefers your company. He’ll want to entertain you. He wants to know all about you. He’s up front about it. Be warned: Even if you’ve gotten to the first date, it’s dangerous … Read more

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How to Know When a Leo Man Is Playing You (5 Classic Signs)

Have the feeling that your Leo guy isn’t as into you as he claims? Your intuition likely isn’t wrong and it’s important to know the signs that reveal his true intentions. Here’s how to know when a Leo man is playing you: He doesn’t ask about your life. He’ll only want you around to feel … Read more

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How to Attract a Leo Man (5 Fail-Proof Ways to Intrigue Him)

how to attract a leo man

Wanna get the attention of your hot new Leo coworker? You just need to know what to do to catch his eye. Here’s how to attract a Leo man: Have a sharp sense of style Pay him compliments aplenty Be confident Show an interest in cultural and artistic experiences Be fun and playful For tips … Read more

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How Do You Know When a Cancer Man Is Over You? (6 Clear Signs)

how do you know when a cancer man is over you

Are your Cancer guy’s texts and calls getting fewer and farther between? He may be going through a tough time—or he may be losing interest. So how do you know when a Cancer man is over you? The conversations become shorter. There’s less romance and intimacy. He doesn’t share his personal or family life anymore. … Read more