How to Win a Libra Man (9 Ways to Touch His Heart)

how to win a libra man

So you found the perfect guy and it turns out he’s a Libra. Here’s how to win a Libra man: Be well-dressed and well-groomed Tell him where you want to go on a date and be willing to make decisions Turn the focus on him in a conversation Be social and get his friends to … Read more

How to Keep a Libra Man Interested in You (7 Vital Tips)

how to keep a libra man interested in you

Need to know how to keep a Libra man interested in you?  Here’s a summary of our top tips to keep his eye from wandering: Take care of yourself and your environment Be fun, charismatic and independent If you think he’s wrong about something, challenge him! Give back to your community Appreciate your Libra man’s … Read more

Libra Man in Love: 9 Behavior and Body Language Signs

libra man in love

How does your Libra man really feel about you? If you can’t tell, here are the signs of a Libra man in love: You’re his anchor when he feels insecure He wants to prove himself to you He’s got goals for the two of you in the future Your point of view is invaluable to … Read more