How to Make a Libra Man Happy (11 Relationship Tips)

how to make a libra man happy

Want your relationship with your Libra man to last? Here’s how to make a Libra man happy: Be the social power couple Don’t let things stagnate! Stay curious together Make spending time together important and enjoy the moment Choose rational conversations over arguments Feed his need for beauty around him Libra men are flighty and … Read more

How to Make Your Libra Man Jealous (10 Dos and Dont’s)

how to make your libra man jealous

So—want to know how to make your Libra man jealous? Here’s how: DO prioritize your to-do list over seeing the Libra DON’T ignore his existence DO spend more time out without your Libra man DON’T start flirting with other men DO dominate on social media but leave the Libra’s page alone So, what do you … Read more

Why a Libra Man Ignores You Suddenly (9 Real Reasons Why)

why a libra man ignores you

Has the Libra guy you’ve been seeing gone silent? Unfortunately, this can be a typical Libra move. Here are the major reasons why a Libra man ignores you: He’s upset with something you did and he’s stewing He feels like you’re throwing his life off-balance He’s trying to see how needy you’ll be His heart … Read more

How to Know If a Libra Man Misses You (5 Things He Does)

how to know if a libra man misses you

Is he just a sweet talker, or does your Libra man really miss you? Here’s how to know if a Libra man misses you: He’s going out of his way to see you, not just saying he will He’s reaching out again and again He can’t stop talking about you to anyone who will listen … Read more