How to Make a Capricorn Man Want You (18 No-Fail Ways)

how to make a capricorn man want you

Trying to get a Capricorn guy to lust for you? It’s not as simple as acting cute and sexy. Here’s how to make a Capricorn man want you:  Dress and act like a mature woman Always be sweet, feminine and just a little bit sexy Have your life together and set long-term goals Feed his … Read more

How Does a Capricorn Man Flirt? (9 Signals He’s Into You)

how does a capricorn man flirt

He’s staring deep into your eyes—but is this Capricorn guy hitting on you? How does a Capricorn man flirt? Here’s the quick answer: He gives you direct and uninterrupted attention He’s smart and devilishly charming around you His body language speaks louder than his words He gives off leadership energy He drops a casual invitation … Read more

How to Get a Capricorn Man Back (in 9 Steps)

how to get a capricorn man back

Longing to get back together with your Capricorn ex? Here’s how to get a Capricorn man back: Go slow and work on being friends first Show how you’re improving yourself Open up to him emotionally Demonstrate how things will be different this time Make sure he knows he’s the only one for you If you … Read more

What Attracts the Capricorn Man to the Aquarius Woman? (Top 10 Tips)

What Attracts the Capricorn Man to the Aquarius Woman

What attracts the Capricorn man to the Aquarius woman? Is it her quirky personality, cool confidence or something else? Here’s the answer: She’s highly independent, unique and interesting She’s not overly emotional Her communication style is logical and rational Her ambitious nature drives her to succeed She’ll always take a chance on love The truth … Read more

What Does a Capricorn Man Like in a Woman? (His Top 10 Desires)

what does a capricorn man like in a woman

What does a Capricorn man like in a woman? Do you have what he wants? Here’s what he’ll be looking for when he meets you: A drive to succeed, especially in your career A kind, caring heart and nurturing side Maturity, intelligence and sophistication High standards, solid values and respect for herself Get ready for … Read more

What Attracts a Capricorn Man to a Taurus Woman? (12 Attraction Factors)

what attracts a capricorn man to a taurus woman

Are you wondering what attracts a Capricorn man to a Taurus woman? Here’s your answer: The Taurus woman is nurturing, ultra feminine and classy The Capricorn man feels she understands him intuitively Taurus is independent and won’t cling to him She values herself and earns the Capricorn’s respect She’s steady, trustworthy and reliable If you’re … Read more